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Water Moon Signs

By Betty Petruk

Cancer ~ Scorpio ~ Pisces

Cancer Moon

The moon is dignified in Cancer and for that, she gives all the phases of your emotions, up front and personal. You will be hard pressed to tell a Cancer Moon, “Don’t take it personally”. The Moon in your chart reflects the light of your Sun. With the Cancer Moon your security issues are the reflection of your Sun sign, and they are very personal. The expression of these emotions will come through the Ascendant. An example to ponder is Sun in Gemini and Moon in Cancer with Sagittarius Ascendant. The security for Gemini is being able to Spread the Word. If you tell a Gemini Sun the information they just gave you was stupid, you have just rocked their world and they will respond with a fire of words to the contrary. The house that the Moon rules in your chart shows the type of security issues that are personal to you. The house that the Moon sits in, is how you will go about getting your security issues met. The Moon’s path around the Earth of 2 - 1/2 days in each sign, brings changes. Changes to open our imaginations and create all that our Sun Sign says we can. We only see our Moon after our Sun has set. She is the night light in the sky to chase away our fears. She is the urging of our Soul to open and grow. Her strongest message comes in our dreams, with Memories of Love and Security.

Scorpio Moon

Oh, just a little fun for Halloween. Come to think about it, it does fall in Scorpio’s Month. So maybe it is not that far fetched. To understand the depth of the Scorpio Moon person, sit an gaze upon a candle light and imagine the flame as the flame that burns within the pit of your Soul. The flame is hypnotic; it draws you deeply into a trance. Going deeper and deeper. You feel the power and heat. You marvel at the simple beauty and grace as it transforms it’s shape. This is the power of the Scorpio Moon person. Strength, beauty, grace and the Power to create or destroy. But, like the candle flame, you can’t touch them. Only through complete trust, will the Scorpio Moon person let you near the flame. And that trust will be tested over and over and over. It may take two or more lifetimes to gain that trust. And, you will never know if you passed. However, you will know when you have failed, as there will no longer be a flame in view. The Scorpio Moon person needs to learn to trust the voice from within. Once heard and recognized, they have the power to Fly !!

Pisces Moon

"To the depths and beyond!” is the cry of the Pisces Moon person.  Knowing when to let go or when to own, is the dilemma of the Pisces Moon person.  Of all the Moon signs, Pisces embodies the full scale of emotional expression.  They can turn on the water works in the drop of an eye, and off again as quickly.  They can scream and roar their point across the Universe and back again. They can pick you up and smother you in the most wonderful calm you have ever known, and gently wipe your woes away.  The fish may swim in opposite directions, but the emotions of the Pisces Moon person ebb and flow ever changing.  Pisces is of the Mutable Cross, and all their emotions seem to be worked and re-worked until they have got it right.  That is, until they must face the next dilemma.