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Venus Return Charts  by Inge Lohse

Venus is about love and money. Venus represents what we hold most dear. She is the planet of harmonious, secure and honest social relationships. Venus loves all things luxurious, has a flair for artistic beauty and seeks financial security. Venus strives to stay balanced by playing fair. Never underestimate her powers of persuasion to reach just and peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Venus Return charts forecast the upcoming year in terms of social events, romantic encounters, affairs of the heart, money and the beginning of a new cycle of love and happiness. Venus rules your social calendar. Relationships, long term partnerships and marriage are often sanctioned by the aspects of Venus. A well placed Venus will bring lavish gifts and financial stability for the year. Always consider the house your natal Venus occupies as the matters of that house will be most prominent about what you hold most dear.

Planets on the angles will have a powerful effect on love and money.

Planets or Angles at 0° and/or 29° are focal points of new beginnings and endings.

Natal planets aspecting angles of Venus Return Chart and vice-versa indicates significant changes altering life’s chosen path.

Critical Degrees:  (Cardinal 0, 13, 26 / Fixed 9, 21 / Mutual 4, 17)  require immediate attention.

Check the Venus Return Chart aspects and aspects to the Natal Chart.

Venus Return House Position:

1) The sign on the Ascendant gives you the overall theme for the next 12 months. The ruler of the Ascendant is your popularity indicator and your social convener for the year.   

2) You are prone to indulge yourself with the finer things life has to offer. Financial security and material assets are a top priority with Venus here.

3) Intellectual contact is very pleasurable and agreeable. You are an engaging speaker and stimulating conversationalist. You become the neighbourhood social coordinator.

4) The warmth and closeness of family relationships take precedence. Home renovations or redecorating are likely as Venus loves to provide comfortable and beautiful surroundings.

 5) Romance is in the air. Venus opens your heart to attract new loves into your life. Your artistic creative talents are inspired to let your imagination play.

 6) Venus here takes pleasure in structure and order, wanting everything to be just perfect. Flirting and socializing with co-workers is part of the job.

7) This is the house of committed relationships. Romantic encounters have an air of dignity and grace with long term objectives. Partnership conflicts are settled peacefully and fairly.

8) You will derive a lot of pleasure from investigating the depths of emotional and physical intimacy. Provocative and intense relationships can transform your romantic desires, especially if Venus aspects Mars. Mysteries need to be solved.

9) Freedom is the key word here; to experience personal growth through travel; to expand your mind to the possibility of new ways of thinking and living; to fall in love with someone from a foreign country and an entirely different lifestyle. You may require legal advice or a lawyer.

10) You are attracted to people that are established, successful and respected in the community. You handle your business and public relations with charm, grace and eloquent poise. You may be in charge of a significant social event.

11) You may begin dating someone that you’ve been friends with for a long time. Although you embrace your individuality, Venus here will build friendships through group organizations with people that share similar interests and fight for the same causes.  

12) This may be the perfect time to have a secret clandestine relationship, if you are so inclined, according to your natal chart. Karmic attractions are very strong and spiritual connections are very pleasurable. Venus here makes sacrifices for love or caring for a loved one who is ill.