Scorpio Sun   .... written by Shirley Eftoda

The Sun travels the Scorpio sky from October 23rd through November 21st. The New Moon is in Scorpio on November 14th. The New Moon is an opportune time to clear out the old in order to make room for the new. Cleaning out, throwing out, or giving away what is no longer needed is a good idea.

Each zodiac sign contains a specific energy that both encourages and assists us on our life journey. Scorpio's territory is the psyche, the unconscious mind and the emotional body.

Scorpio's role is to find out what is going on within its emotional body and then become at peace with it. Scorpio must dive into Pluto's underworld and confront all the demons in its own subconscious hell. This is rather difficult as our culture teaches us to ignore, suppress and repress our emotions. We are taught that our emotions get in the way of our spiritual path. However, our emotions are a critical part of our spiritual path as realistically what gets in our way are the distortions and stories we make up for ourselves about what we think will make us happy and satisfied.

Understanding Scorpio is an emotional and not a mental process. A deep understanding of our emotional traumas is a necessary step in our healing process. Mental explanations can lead us into victimization modes. Emotions are integrated into our consciousness through feeling the sensations in our body which at first are scary and may result in uncomfortable experiences which we tend to avoid at all costs.

When the costs of avoidance are more than we can handle whether it be through mental torment, physical illness, financial ruin, emotional estrangement from others then we submit ourselves to the inevitable journey into the pit of our own psyche. This is the archetype of "the dark night of the soul." This 'dark night' is the first step in helping us get in touch with the fear, sadness and anger that is blocking our light.

Scorpio is driven to get to the root cause of its pain which started when we leaped out of our bodies into our minds, when we started to try to figure things out instead of listening to our intuitive, instinctual guidance. Our pain began when we rejected ourselves and disconnected from own heart and feelings; when we began to look to others for approval, recognition, and permission and to get our needs met.

Healing the emotional body now becomes the mission to seek self-understanding and self-mastery through constant crisis; to feel our feelings, to get in touch with our deepest emotions and in the process become a master rather than an slave of our emotions. If our psychic energy is not released through the expression of our feelings, it will express itself through the physical body and disturbing events (1). Once we realize that whatever misery we have attracted is of our own doing, we are humbled enough to begin the Scorpionic path to liberation.

Scorpio is a water sign. The emotional energy of the water signs lies below the surface of the consciousness in the unconscious. It is elusive and mysterious. Water sign energy teaches us that we need to get in touch with our feeling nature in order to access the instinctual nature of our behaviour as compared to the earth signs which have within themselves the physical energy that can be seen with material objects and results. The path of the water signs is to develop an inner sense of security and safety; Cancer is about nurturing one's self; Scorpio is about nurturing relationships and building teams with the end goal of creating something with others through emotional stability.

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign which is tenacious and does not change easily. Scorpio penetrates to the very core; not only getting to the bottom of matters but exposing the cause. The penetration is to the point where death has already occurred and new creation has not yet begun. Scorpio always insists and begins with a clean slate.

Some Scorpio's live in fear, using their energy selfishly and seek to destroy others. They can use their magnetic energy to attract others into their web so they can use their resources for their own ends. This ends up being self-annihilating to Scorpio. After enough self-inflicted pain they realize they are tormented but do not know why. Uncovering the source of their emotional pain becomes imperative as a slow death due to self-inflicted destruction is even worse.

No sign is meant to suffer forever and the wakeup call for Scorpio arrives when they realize that they are a victim of themselves. Once Scorpio realizes that it is standing in its own way and that it is their unconscious self that is hindering their progress they bring the 'why' into conscious awareness. Now they are able to begin making peace by confronting their controlling fears and sacrificing their lower self to their higher self (2).

In our daily life, Scorpio's territory is money, sex and power. Scorpio teaches us that there is a direct relationship between money and prosperity and emotional generosity. Emotional stinginess, restriction and tightness translate into monetary problems, debts and limitations. Our subconscious projections too often attract us to partners that often reflect and live out our worst fears. Our emotional reactions can ruin our life. As we free up the energy that is being used to sabotage our well being, it is available to live life more fully. This energy can also be used to attract resources and relationships, to heal and enliven us. Then internal power can be accessed which is real power.

Scorpio's territory includes deep, dark secrets, psychic wounds and therapy. One of the goals of therapy is to uncover the reoccurring patterns and underlying belief structures about ourselves, others and the world that lock us into recreating the same dysfunctional scenarios in our lives. These scenarios play themselves out over and over until they get our attention, we realize what we are doing, understand why, and choose to change.

Scorpio is somewhere in everyone's astrological chart. In Scorpio we feel the deepest pain but it is also where we experience the deepest satisfaction. It teaches us that we cannot escape what we deny. The trick is to not be manipulated by our deepest fears.

Each Scorpionic confrontation brings us a treasure. We learn that our tormentor is also our teacher. Our anger, stress and frustration spurs us into action. One journey has ended while another has just begun. In this way Scorpio will continue to be reborn again and again.


1. Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, Liz Green, Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Maine, 1976, p. 17.

2. Soul-Centered Astrology, Alan Oken, The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA, 1990, Oken, p. 208


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