Sagittarius Moon ~ Emotional Humour  .... written by Betty Petruk


Happy-Go-Lucky is a good description for the Sagittarius Moon person.

You will almost always get a smile from a Sagittarius Moon, as life is always on an Upswing. They are forever looking towards the Sky, expecting Zeus to send down the messages to the meaning of life.

Ever optimistic, and enthusiastic, it takes a lot to get a Sag Moon person down. But when you do, be prepared for the Blunt Truth, given as a Sermon. They express their emotions with a fiery zest. Laughter is the Sag Moon’s medicine. They like to laugh and they like to make others laugh too.

The Sag Moon person likes to nurture you with wisdom. They will teach you how to do almost anything, with patience and kindness. Once you have learned how to take care of yourself, they are on to something new.

The Sag Moon person will not be tied down. If you can keep up with them; then you are free to come along. However, if you need constant nurturing and become possessive in your relationship to a Sag Moon person, you will soon learn how fast that Sag Moon can fly.

Enjoy your time with your Sag Moon person. You may find their optimism contagious.


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