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Edmonton Astrological Society   Since 1977

2017 EAS Meetings and Workshops

January 13

EAS Meeting   January 13, 2017  at  7:30 pm

Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade    Feature Presentation: The Real Trump by Karin Wollis

February 10

EAS Meeting   February 10, 2017  at  7:30 pm

Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade   Feature Presentation: Venus Return by Inge Lohse

Venus Return charts forecast the beginning of a new cycle of relationships in the upcoming year in terms of social events, affairs of the heart and money. Bring your Venus return chart for the current year or a significant year in the past.


March 10

EAS Meeting   March 11, 2017  at  7:30 pm

Location:  Homefire Grill Restaurant 18210 - 100 Avenue Everyone is welcome - Join us for supper at 5:30 pm

Program: Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade    Feature Presentation: Capricorn Revolution by Chris McRae

A Massive Shift in our Reality Where is it going?  When do we get our first glimpse of the new direction? These thoughts have

been nagging at my mind for quite awhile and need to be shared with other thoughtful, probing astrologers.

April 1

EAS Workshop Saturday, April 1, 2017  at  1:00 pm

The Astrology of 2017 by Paul Hewitt: Paul will look over the entire year of 2017, noting the major configurations and planetary patterns that are developing. These include the Saturn square to Chiron, the Uranus - Pluto - Jupiter T-Square, and the powerful conjunction of Eris to Uranus. Plus there are many planets aspecting the GALACTIC CENTRE this year. There will be handouts with charts and list of what is going on, and he will be reading various quotes from astrology and other magazines.

Bio: Paul has been a professional astrologer for thirty five years, and during that time he has taught astrology classes and lectured in many cities around North America; Vancouver, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland and Hartford. He helped to organize FCA Toronto and served as the national FCA President for Two years, during which time Canada had its’ first bilingual astrology conference in Montreal. Paul has been our Southern Alberta Astrology Society (SAAS) organizer for eight years now.

April  14

EAS Meeting   April 14, 2017  at  7:30 pm  

Guest Lecturer: Greg Polkosnik (from Edmonton AB) presents: The Astrology of Style: Sun Signs and Self-Expression

My specialty is relating sun-sign astrology to self-expression, so there’s a natural fit with fashion. Of course, I get into fights with astrologers who view anyone who makes any money off sun-sign astrology as a heretic. I wrote a book called “Cosmically Chic” in 2000 that was published by a regular publisher (not a New Age publishing house like Llewellyn). I’ve been a columnist for Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Nylon. When the US economy went into the crapper a few years ago, I stopped trying to get work because the rejection was demeaning. Now I’m gung-ho to reclaim my former glory because I believe I’m a better astrologer and a better writer than most of the people making money off the subject nowadays. I have no problem distilling my advice down to the sun-sign format because that’s what keeps astrology popular. If it wasn’t for astrologers writing sun-sign columns, I never would have become an astrologer.

May 12

EAS Meeting   May 12, 2017  at  7:30 pm     Program:  Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade      

Feature Presentation: by Angela Nietupski   Exploring the Venus Star Point through the work of Ariellle Guttman

Angela will be sharing from Arielle Guttman's book "Venus Star Rising, a new cosmology for the 21st century". The concept is around the Venus synodic cycle and exploring how the pentagram pattern formed every 8 years impacts our lives personally and collectively. As well as plot our personal Venus star point pentagram.

Angela has been studying Astrology since 2008 on a personal level. She started classes with Chris McRae in 2009 and took every level Chris offered. Angela completed the ISAR consulting skills and ethics training and plans to take the ISAR certification exam in the upcoming months. She has been seeing clients through referral since 2014. Angela is passionate about Astrology, as it is more than a study, but rather weaved into her lifestyle.

Annual Astrology Weekend

June 9, 10, 11

Annual Astrological Weekend June 9, 10, 11 2017  (from Friday at 7:00 pm until Sunday at 2:00 pm)

  • Friday June 9: Trending Justin Trudeau’s chart by Paul Hewitt
  • Saturday June 10: Reincarnation by Chris McRae
  • Sunday June 11: Why Astrology Works by Garrett Coulson

A/C 2017

September 15, 16, 17

AC 2017   Astrology Conference September 15, 16, 17  Calgary, Alberta

Featuring an All Star Cast of Canadian Speakers       Brochure click here

For more information visit the conference Website: www.astrologyconference.ca

October 13

EAS Meeting   October 13, 2017  at  7:30 pm

Location:  Homefire Grill Restaurant 18210 - 100 Avenue   Everyone is welcome - Join us for supper at 5:30 pm

Feature Presentation: by Chris McRae

BIG NEWS! Las Vegas massacre, the event and the stunning/shocking birth chart of the murderer Stephen Paddock. His Birth certificate surfaced with a recorded birth time. See why he chose Vegas! See what his Progressed Chart looked like and how the transits stimulated his inner drive! When I look at this chart it makes me wonder if it would help police investigation to observe such charts, or would it open up a controversial privacy issue?    

November 10

Annual General Meeting

Cosmic Forces in the News     …. By Roger Forcade                                

Annual Election : Our New   Executive Members are as follows

  •  President: Sharon Wright
  • Treasurer-Membership:  Sandra McPhearson
  • Program Director:  Karin Wollis
  • Website: Inge Lohse

Following the election ….. By Chris McRae -  Saros Cycles: Meaning of current Saros Cycles of 2017 and 2018.

The very first Eclipse in the series tells its story or provides a theme that runs through the entire cycle of 1200 years, according to Bernadette Brady in her book, The Eagle and the Lark. Let’s look at those beginning charts and the meaning as briefly described. We may agree, disagree and add our own brilliance to the meaning. Hand-outs of the charts will be presented.

December 8

EAS Christmas Party  -   Homefire Grill  18210 - 100 Avenue  5:00 PM


There will be a Secret Santa Gift Exchange If you wish to participate ~ bring a small wrapped gift (Max $ 20.00)

Bring a friend, partner, spouse - or - just yourself and come share the fun !!  Hope to see you all there !!!