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Edmonton Astrological Society   Since 1977

2016 EAS Meetings and Workshops

January 8

EAS Meeting   January 8, 2016   at 7:30 pm

Cosmic Forces in the News - by Roger Forcade

Program: Round Table Discussion - Moderator: Karin Wollis

February 12

EAS Meeting   February 12, 2016  at  7:30 pm  

Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade

Workshop : Procrastination and The Nodes by Lisa Blauer                          

March 11

EAS Meeting   March 11, 2016  at  7:30 pm  

  Program:  Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade

Feature Presentation: Chris McRae  Major Configurations

A look at historical and current confirguations explaining the global conditions we face today

April  8

EAS Meeting   April 8, 2016  at  7:30 pm  

Guest Lecturer: Paul Hewitt (from Calgary) Presenting: The Astrology of 2016

May 13

EAS Meeting   May 13, 2016  at  7:30 pm  


Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade

Alberta - Fort McMurray Fire Charts by Inge Lohse

The Moon and Your Security ….. Round Robin Discussion …. Moderated by Karin Wollis

Annual Astrology Weekend

June 10, 11, 12

Annual Astrological Weekend June 10, 11, 12, 2016  (from Friday at 7:00pm until Sunday at 2:00pm)

Friday June 10      - Social  Evening

Saturday June 11 - 10:00 am  - 12:00 pm   Solar Arcs by Sharon Wisemyn

                              2:00 pm  -   5:00 pm    Parental Patterns by Sharon Wisemyn

Sunday June 12   - 10:00 am  - 12:00 pm   Ceres - Trending the Alberta Chart by Paul Hewitt

A/C 2016

September 23, 24, 25

AC 2016   Astrology Conference September 23, 24, 25  Featuring these Great Alberta Speakers:

Paula Fehr, Lesley Francis, Mandy Lee Metz, Inge Lohse, Betty Petruk, Tracy Quinlan, Jo Ann Stoneberg, and Donna Wallace

For more information visit the conference Website: www.astrologyconference.ca

October 14

EAS Meeting   October 14, 2016  at  7:30 pm

Location:  Homefire Grill Restaurant 18210 - 100 Avenue    Time: 7:30 pm

Everyone is welcome - Join us for supper at 5:30 pm

Cosmic Forces in the News by Roger Forcade

Feature Presentation: Medical Astrology by Donna Warner   


November 11

Annual General Meeting

Annual Election :

 Executive Positions are as follows (please volunteer)

  •  President: Sharon Wright
  • Treasurer-Membership:  Sandra McPherson
  • Program Director:  Karin Wollis
  • Website: Inge Lohse

Following the election …..

Roger gave us the latest cosmic forces in the news and Lisa Blauer presented some interesting insight on the inconjunct aspect

December 10

EAS Christmas Party  -   Homefire Grill  18210 - 100 Avenue  5:00 PM


There will be a Secret Santa Gift Exchange If you wish to participate ~ bring a small wrapped gift (Max $ 20.00)

Bring a friend, partner, spouse - or - just yourself and come share the fun !!  Hope to see you all there !!!