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Edmonton Astrological Society   Since 1977

2013 EAS Meetings and Workshops ~ Recap

January 11

Sharon ~ EAS chart ~ January's Celestial Pulse

Group Discussion - moderators: Liz & Inge

The Mayan calendar is safely tucked away into the archives of historical data. December 21, 2012 has come and gone - and the world did not end. So where do we go from here? We will look at the Ingress charts for answers.

February 8

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News  /  Florence ~ Murder Mystery  /  Sharon ~ EAS chart ~ February Celestial Pulse

Lecture ~ Local Space Astrology by Chris McRae

Direction has Meaning: In Local Space Astrology, we take the planets down from the Ecliptic and put them around us as if we are standing in the centre of the Solar System. This is a special chart printed on a transparency that can be related to compass directions and placed on a map of our city, in the middle of your home, in the middle of a room. Discover the direction your planets are coming from, both natal as well as the current transits. Find your directions of power or confusion. We will all walk across the entire transit lines with a conscious awareness of an awakening.

March 8

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News   /   Florence ~ Murder Mystery   /   Sharon ~ EAS chart ~ March Celestial Pulse

Workshop: Saturn in Scorpio by Inge Lohse

EAS 35th Anniversary Conference

April 12-14

Featuring the following Speakers:

Patricia Walsh ~ from Florida     ~     Rose Marcus ~ from Vancouver

Chris McRae ~ from Edmonton  ~ Catherine Potter ~ from Edmonton ~ Lesley Francis ~ from Edmonton

Madame PoPo ~ from Calgary

May 10

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News    /    Florence ~ Murder Mystery

Workshop by Inge Lohse A closer look at: What you create personally (5th house) and collectively (11th house)

EAS since 1977

35th Anniversary Celebration

Annual Astrology Weekend

June 14, 15, 16

Friday: Socialize ~ fun evening

Saturday amLiz Swoboda Evolutionary development of the EAS Chart

Saturday pm: Paul Hewitt Astrological Chart correlations with numerology ~ looking at celebrities charts. Last year at the EAS Retreat in her Numerology presentation Julie mentioned that the Birth Date Number correlates with a person's career choice.  Well - that certainly intrigued Paul, and so he has programmed the numerology of the Birth Date into his own natal chart software.  By scanning through 200 - 300 celebrity charts and their Birth Date numerology we can certainly see the correlation with their career choice!  

Sunday am: Group Discussion - 2nd / 8th Houses: (Moderator Inge)

Your Assets and how you invest them  –  Your Values and how they motivate growth of your soul

Your View of the Future and the path you take to liberation

September 13

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News  //  Karin Wollis ~ Correlation of Numerology and Astrology

Sharon Wright ~ EAS chart ~ September Transits

Feature Presentation: Inge Lohse and Chris McRae  The Weather - are Cosmic Forces at play ?


4, 5, 6, 2013

Alberta Connection

in Red Deer AB

Speakers: from Red Deer: Paula Fehr ~ Welcoming Address from Calgary: Geni Picazo (Engaging Lunar Energy) Juergen Maimann (Medical Astrology)  Paul Hewitt (Justin Trudeau chart)

from Regina: Gary Zyla (Pluto and Karma) from Edmonton: Julie Carlin (Looking up your Address) Roger Forcade (Cosmic Forces) Sandra McPherson (Keeping Up With Your Emotions)

Chris McRae - Keynote Speaker and Karin Wollis (Numerology & Your Astrological Chart)

November 8 2013

Annual General Meeting

Annual Election : 7:30 PM

President: Julie Carlin Treasurer-Membership: Sandra McPherson

Programs: Sharon Wright Website: Inge Lohse Special Events: Elizabeth Macarthur

Workshop: EAS Solar Return Chart for 2013 - 2014

December 14

EAS Christmas Party  -   Homefire Grill  18210 - 100 Avenue  6:30 PM  Bring something small for the Gift Exchange