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Edmonton Astrological Society   Since 1977

2012 EAS Meetings and Workshops ~ Recap

January 13

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News    /    Horary Astrology ~ Workshop by Liz Swoboda & Inge Lohse

February 10

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News

The Gateway Planet by Lesley Francis In every cycle we experience in life, there’s a single planet in our birth chart that is the first to make contact with and the first to respond to the movement of transiting and progressed planets into a new sign. It’s the guardian at the gate, the one that sets the tone for the process symbolized by the transiting or progressed planet, making it a key player in our life experiences. Please bring your birth chart.

March 9, 2012

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News   /   Chris McRae ~ Progressed Lunation Cycle


April 13 & 14

Alan Oken

International, professional astrologer and teacher of the Ancient Wisdom for 45 years. Born in New York City, he has made his home around the world and is an accomplished linguist working in 7 languages. He is the author of over a dozen books, including: "Soul-Centered Astrology", "Rulers of the Horoscope", and "Alan Oken's Complete Astrology."

May 4

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News


Important events have been developing since 2008 which are now gaining even more vigour as added powerful influences will be accelerating the backdrop of the powerful Uranus/Pluto square. The questions are how much and how long? This will be a graphic outline of various planetary aspects/patterns that are affecting all of us societal, and individually.


Astrological Weekend  

June 15~16~17

Friday: Socialize ~ fun evening

Saturday am: Paul Hewitt from Calgary - The Astrology of 2012

Looking over the year 2012, as the dramatic alignments continue. The Uranus Pluto cycle has reached a square, and every time this square picks up a third planet and forms a new T-Square, it represents another major shift.  We will look at many of the unusual astrological factors of the year, including Eris.  We will also briefly review the 2011 astrological themes from last year, to see what we can learn from them.  Paul will illustrate the astrological themes with quotes from current magazines, and discuss the social, political, financial, spiritual and evolutionary breakthroughs happening in 2012.

Sunday am: Julie Carlin ~ Numerology

September 14

Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News

Feature Presentation ~ Lesley Francis  The Most & The Least Aspected Planet in Your Chart


Connection Conference


October 12-13-14

Co-Hosted by EAS and the Astrologers of Calgary held at the Red Deer Lodge (4311-49 Avenue Red Deer AB)



Annual General Meeting

November 9

Election of Officers ~ 2012-2013 Term   /   Roger's Corner ~ Cosmic Forces in the News

Betty Petruk ~ EAS Chart Update The EAS has been a growing and changing organization for 35 years. It has  gone through the growing pains of beginning and forming a strong identity. It has had a Saturn return and lived to tell about it. Now - where are we and what is on the horizon for the coming years ahead.

December 8

Christmas Party Location: Homefire Grill  18210 - 100 Avenue  6:30 PM  Bring something small for the Gift Exchange

Friday Oct 12:

Saturday Oct 13: Registration: 8:30am

Sunday Oct 14: Lectures from 9:30am-Noon

Social Evening

9:00am ~ Welcome by Paula Fehr

Lectures 9:15-11:30am ~ ~ 1:30 - 4:15pm

Closing Speeches:

Lesley Francis & Donna Young

Dinner Buffet 6:00pm


from Calgary:

from Edmonton:

from Red Deer:

Paula Fehr

Tamira McGillivray  The Part of Fortune

Madame Popo  Astrological Archetypes

Paul Hewitt  The Most Elevated Planet

Karin Wollis  Discover Your Soul

Inge Lohse KISS Method of Chart Delineation

Liz Swoboda  The Way of an Ingress Chart Lesley Francis Keynote Speaker (Sat evening)

Donna Warner Fashion Trends of Neptune