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Lunar Nodes ....  by Inge Lohse

The lunar nodes in a chart connect the unremembered past to the known present. The nodes link the previous soul to the present soul structure.

Hello Again - The South Node:

Although you may not consciously remember your previous incarnation, just check your chart's South Node of the Moon, by sign and house position, and you will find that the cosmic courier has left you some baggage. Consider the ruling planet of the south node, use the basic keywords for the planets to find out what peculiar luggage  you brought with you from your past life. Check the house position of the ruling planet of the south node to find out where you have currently put the left over remnants. Then check the aspects to see how the unpacking is coming along.

Some thoughts on the ruling planet of the South Node:

The Future  The North Node:

The North Node represents the new experiences you will have in this lifetime. The uncharted path you have not yet traveled to reach your destiny.

The planet that rules the sign your North Node occupies is the program director and will point you in the right direction.