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Horary Charts ~ Additional Tips

Turning the Wheel

When the querent asks a question about himself and his affairs, we take the First House for him and the house ruling the matter he asks about.

When he asks about another person’s affairs, we turn the chart to have that person as the First House and then count forward to reach the house of the question.

If the other person inquired about is Not Designated, we take the 7th House for him and turn the chart to have the 7th house as the Ascendant.

A significator at a Critical Degree will bring the situation to a crisis.

Cardinal Signs: 0, 13, 26    Fixed Signs: 9, 21    Mutable Signs: 4, 17

A Mutual Reception will bring help from an outsider not involved in the matter.

The Final Dispositor  will give you additional clues to confirm the outcome

There must be at least Three Confirming Aspects in the chart to support your answer.

Besieged and Under Duress

If a significator is between any two malefic's (ex: Mars and Saturn) no matter how many houses apart nor if they aspect each other, it is besieged, distressed and under duress.


If one of the significators, in any aspect, leaves the sign or turns retrograde before the aspect is complete, it is like turning off the lights. It is called Refranation or refraining from taking further action. The person retires from the scene or backs out of the matter.

An Important Event in the Past

Check the last Planet the Moon passed over..... If it is retrograde, the person was averse to taking the action in the first place

The nature of the event is reflected by the planet: