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Horary Charts ~ The Planets

Sun as significator (Leo)

Commanding in manner

Demands respect and attention

He is powerful and holds a position of authority

Usually delegates work to others

He is fond of entertaining

Charming, pleasant, affectionate, and playful

He can be self-indulgent and extravagant

Sun rules Sunday, gold and all that glitters

Saturn as significator (Capricorn)

The greater malefic

He is serious, practical, disciplined and cautious

Will not make snap decisions regarding the question

He places himself in the management position

Is suspicious of anyone who tries to hasten his pace or loosen his grip on authority

Saturn has an excellent memory and there is the devil to pay if you contest his accuracy

Saturn rules Saturday, lead, zinc and granite

Moon as significator (Cancer)

Maternal and nurturing

Easily imposed upon and able to multi-task

Sympathetic and emotional

She is willing and able to engineer all changes

She is focused on domesticity, family and children

The everyday affairs of ordinary people   

Moon rules Monday, silver and pearl

Uranus as significator (Aquarius)

Throw out the Rule Book, normal just went off-line

Spontaneous, unpredictable, original and inventive

Uranus finds very unique solutions to problems

A non-conformist, he has a genius for short circuiting red tape and getting surprising, even weird results

He takes his hero cape with him whenever possible

Uranus breaks down all barriers; social, colour, gender  

Uranus rules uranium, and all things electrical

Mercury as significator (Gemini/Virgo)

The messenger; clever and skilful, able to adapt

Mercury is interested in every detail of the question

Restless and impatient, he makes snap decisions

Mercury can be contradictory at times

He is in charge of all pieces of paper, documents etc.

If retrograde, things will not go as planned, if at all

There will be many changes and revisions

Mercury rules Wednesday, quicksilver and mirrors

Neptune as significator (Pisces)

The escape artist

Highly imaginative and inspirational

The truth of the matter

Spiritual counsellor or psychologist

Substance abuse and depression

Unreliable, unrealistic and even deceptive

Confused, mysterious, and often vague

Rules water, fog and nebulous conditions

Venus as significator (Taurus/Libra)

The planet of harmonious social relationships

Uses ingenuous methods to reach peaceful solutions

Never underestimate her powers of persuasion

Strives to stay balanced by playing fair

Loves luxurious things

Seeks financial security (Taurus)

Seeks secure and honest relationships (Libra)

Venus rules Friday, copper, bronze and fine woods

Pluto as significator (Scorpio)

Very suspicious of everything and everybody

Pluto creates lots of chaos in his wake

While he promises transformation

Trusts no one. Brings dramatic changes

Powerful and irresistible

Resourceful and unyielding

He investigates and digs until he reaches the truth

Rules death, sex and reproduction

Rules the masses, atomic and nuclear power

Mars as significator (Aries/Scorpio)

Self-reliant, competitive and independent

Courageous and quick to take action

Mars always likes to make the first move

He comes prepared, armed with weapons of strategy

Mars can be argumentative and forceful

Shrewd in business, he does not like to loose

He knows what to cut out and when to kill the deal

Mars rules Tuesday, iron, steel and weapons

Lunar Nodes

The North Node is a benefic and has the nature of Jupiter and Venus, assuring cooperation in the matters ruled by the house it occupies.

The South Node is a malefic and has the nature of Saturn and Mars impeding the progress of the matters ruled by the house it occupies.

Jupiter as significator (Sagittarius)

The great benefactor

Optimistic and philosophical about the outcome

He wants the matter to be settled honourably

Giving full compensation for any losses or damages

Jupiter has strong moral ethics and ideals

He seeks a just and rewarding settlement  

Jupiter will enlarge and embellish what is asked about

Jupiter rules Thursday, the crown jewels and sapphire


Fortuna brings good fortune to the house it occupies according to how its ruler is fortified by sign and aspects. The better conditioned, the more good luck.

Fortuna becomes the Part of Misfortune if it is in the sign of Pisces, or in the decanate of Pisces in the signs of Cancer or Scorpio or if Fortuna occupies the 12th house.


Fortuna is calculated by the sum of:

   The Ascendant plus the Moon minus the Sun