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Horary Charts ~ The Houses

House One

The querent, the person asking the question

Personal life and appearance of the querent

Beginnings, new projects

Health, accidents (physical Injury) of the querent

 (Mars rules the natural first house Aries)

Grandparents, Great-grandchildren

The Present and Today

House Seven

Committed relationships, contracts/agreements

Partner (marriage or business)

Nieces and nephews

Separation, divorce, lawsuits, settlements

Open enemies and rivals, opponent, competitors

Thieves, robbers, dishonours

Any unidentified or undesignated person

The astrologer

House Two

The querent's moveable possessions and values

Lost or stolen objects

The querent’s banker, financial advisor

Finances, resources, investments, assets

Earnings from work

Business transactions

The Future and Tomorrow

House Eight

Death, birth, intimacy and transformation

Shared resources, wills, legacies, alimony

Surgeon, surgery, coroner, undertaker

Bankruptcy, taxes, debts, mortgages and loans

Gifts, inheritance from other than parents

Other people's money and/or resources

Corporate money


House Three

Communication, text messaging, emails

Siblings, brother or sister

Neighbours, visitors, tradesmen

Deliveries, postman, letters

Short journeys, cars, transportation

Schooling, teacher, early education

Advice, gossip, rumours, writing

News, newspapers and reporters

House Nine

Foreign travel and foreigners

Visas/legal documents concerning foreign countries

Ceremonies, rituals, customs and legalization

Insurance adjusters, lawyers

Clergymen, religion, philosophy, astrology

University or college education

Public communication, media, and publishing

Grandchildren and In-Laws

House Four

The end of the matter

Home, parents, father, family roots

Inheritances from parents, domestic affairs

Farmer, gardener, builder, rancher

Miner, buried treasure, graves, wells

Land, real estate, houses, farms, agriculture

House Ten

The Fate of the Matter

One’s public standing and reputation

President, Monarch, Superiors, those in authority

Employer, Professionals, Executives, the Judge

Career, business, success

Honours, glory, fame or notoriety

Mother and Cousins

House Five

Creativity and talents of the querent

Children, pregnancy

Romance, lover, love affairs

Luxury, gambling, speculation

Hobbies, sports, games

Entertainment, actors, actresses

Feasts, parties, fun

House Eleven

Hopes, wishes, goals and liberty

Friends, acquaintances, unbounded relationships

Group endeavours, associations, organizations

Club memberships

Legislators and regulations

Son and Daughter-in-law

Deaths in the extended family

House Six

Health and daily routine of the querent

Dentists, Veterinarians  

Civil servants, the police, armed forces

Illness, diseases, hygiene, healing, nurses

Voluntary, part time and service industry workers

Tenants, temporary lodgers

Pets, small animals

Aunts, uncles

House Twelve

Solitude, secrets, hidden life, anonymous donor

Widows and orphans. Loss and fears

Bribery, murder, suicide, and funerals

Secret enemies, assassins, terrorists, kidnapper

Prisons, hospitals, institutions. Drugs, alcohol

Confinement and quarantine

Large animals

The Past and Yesterday