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Horary Charts ~ The Aspects

An aspect in a horary chart is not like reading a natal chart where we work around difficult aspects. For example a square aspect between 2 planets in a natal chart is a challenge, an obstacle to overcome and eventually that nasty square will progress into a trine. In Horary astrology, a square is a square. It is a bad aspect and it denies the outcome. A square means NO - Period. There is nothing more to be said about the situation.

In Horary Charts there must be an aspect between the two planets (called the significators) that represent the querent and the quested to bring the matter to a final conclusion ...  In other words, so we get a   YES  or  NO answer.

But......... Yes, there is always a but...

What if... there is no aspect between the significators, and often there isn’t… then we take the Moon as co-ruler of the question. The Moon is the fastest moving celestial body and is closest to us and our affairs on earth, therefore she becomes the most reliable indicator of what to expect. The last planet the Moon passed over and the last aspect the Moon made before the question was asked tells us what happened to trigger the question. The more aspects the Moon makes, the more action you can expect to happen.

Only the applying Ptolemaic aspects are used:

The very last aspect the Moon makes before she changes signs gives the answer to the question. Once the Moon enters a new sign, no further aspects are considered. The minor aspects are used only to confirm what the major aspects show.

To a Benefic Planet is always good... bringing two significators together to conclude the matter.

(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter)

To a Malefic Planet is always bad... bringing losses, frustrations, arguments, injuries and failure.

(Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto)

This is always a good aspect, an easy opportunity to bring the matter to a positive conclusion.

This aspect is always bad news, very troublesome, bringing difficulties and it denies the outcome.

This aspect hardly requires any effort at all as it brings the matter to a harmonious conclusion.

This is a separating aspect with opposing forces severing all ties to the situation.

This aspect denotes that it is as good as done. The contra-parallel is the opposite indicating nothing will be done.