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Horary Charts  by Inge Lohse

Reference Book: Simplified Horary Astrology by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson (1960)

Horary means question of the hour. You must calculate a chart for the precise moment a question is asked, then, the universe will provide an answer to your question. Astrologically speaking, it works like magic.

Your question must be a valid one, if you ask a silly question – you will get a silly answer. Your query must be worded carefully - your intentions must be crystal clear – only then will you get a proper response. Once you ask the question, the dye is set, do not try to second guess the cosmos, it will not end well.

Sometimes it takes awhile before the question is ready to be born.  Not to worry, this is simply the way the universe works; the planets need time to align before they can provide the proper response to your dilemma. Some Example questions:

Once you have established your question and you have the chart in hand – there are some important considerations. Horary astrology has rules and regulations. This is a good thing, it provides structure and a road map to get to where you want to go. So… before you begin to read the chart; there are some potholes to avoid:

If the ascendant is between 0° and 3° - it is too soon the answer the question, you are not yet in possession of all the pertinent facts. Some information is missing.

If the ascendant is between 27° and 29° 59’ - it is too late to ask the question. Without your knowledge the situation has already resolved itself, the deed is done; the decision has been made without you.

If the Moon is Void of Course (making no more applying aspects before changing signs) then nothing will happen, there is nothing to worry about. The question has no future.

If the Moon is Via Combust (between 15° Libra to 15° Scorpio – a fiery star section), then be warned: it is rendered ineffectual as a Significator and cannot function to its’ full potential. (A planet is also considered to be combust within 8 degrees of the Sun – as the Sun burns up its energy)