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Fire Sun Signs

By Inge Lohse

Aries ~ Leo ~ Sagittarius

The Sun in Aries starts new cycles. This is your first clue that spring is in the air. Aries are aggressive, bold and courageous. They have inherent leadership qualities and are often referred to as the pioneers of the Zodiac. Their instincts are to explore the uncharted path. Aries is represented by the ram, who forges full steam ahead with the winds of courage at his back. Arians are friendly in a very forthright, direct manner. They greet you with a firm handclasp and an instant smile. You will rarely get to be group activity leader when there is an Aries in the group. The sun becomes very competitive in Aries. They are never satisfied to watch, they need to be physically involved, at the beginning, preferably.

The Sun in Leo is represented by the lion. Often called the King of the Zodiac. Leos' understand the need for self-expression, and the principals of power. It is the function of the Sun to bestow upon the world: heat, light and life.  It is the function of the sign of Leo to bestow upon humanity: love, kindness and generosity. The Sun in Leo operates best when they are the centre of your universe (and everyone else's as well for that matter).  Leo expects no more of anyone else then they would give themselves. You'll often find Leo in charge. They instinctively gravitate to playing the leadership role. So, the next time you see your favourite Leo, do shine the spotlight on them. They'll love you for it !

The Sun in Sagittarius is represented by the arrow that flies swiftly to its goal. In Sagittarius, the Sun gives a jovial, bright, generous and charitable nature. Sagittarians are self-reliant, often outspoken and brutally honest. They are ambitious, persevering, not easily discouraged, and achieve their goals though the power of positive thinking. The Sun in this sign loves liberty, freedom and the out-doors. Sagittarians will not be driven.