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Fire Moon Signs

By Betty Petruk

Aries ~ Leo ~ Sagittarius

Aries Moon

Aries represents the urge to be out front of the pack, so many Aries Moon natives display outstanding leadership and pioneering abilities. Active and vital, they’re easily bored by routine and want to be busy all the time. Aries Moon people are impatient with their emotions and often with those of others, for they get in the way of things they want to do. Anger and irritability come easiest, as part of the fight-or-flight response to any threat to their security, their freedom of action, their number one position, or their cherished independence. They generally don’t stay mad for long, for they want to get on to the next thing. Dependency is not an issue for an Aries Moon, after all you were raised to stand on your own two feet. If they find they are getting too emotionally dependent,  they may provoke conflict to break away. However, once they decide to take care of you, they are fiercely protective nurturers. They make excellent activists and advocates, given their leadership qualities and their determination to set things right.

Leo Moon

A picture says a 1000 words.  And for the Leo Moon person, just keep on saying them.!  Love is truly a wondrous thing, and Leo Moons hold top honour in this arena of life.  The gifts they give are given from the Heart.  They shine the brightest when your acceptance of their gifts is truly understood. The Knight in shinning armour or Snow White are the dreams of the Leo Moon person when the Heart is looking for it’s mate.  Courtship is the number one priority and it is laced with  the most romantic drama you could imagine.  Always a child at Heart, Leo Moon people know how to play and have fun.  The house that the Moon is in tells what will be fun.  Example: in the first house, the fun is centred around joking, and entertaining others.  The Leo Moon person will only Roar out of emotional despair, if the gifts of Love, kindness, and protection are not accepted as given. You really don’t need to flatter them, you only need to accept their gifts, and that is the best flattery of all.

Sagittarius Moon

Happy-Go-Lucky is a good description for the Sagittarius Moon person. You will almost always get a smile from a Sagittarius Moon, as life is always on an Upswing. They are forever looking towards the Sky, expecting Zeus to send down the messages to the meaning of life. Ever optimistic, and enthusiastic, it takes a lot to get a Sag Moon person down. But when you do, be prepared for the Blunt Truth, given as a Sermon. They express their emotions with a fiery zest. Laughter is the Sag Moon’s medicine. They like to laugh and they like to make others laugh too. The Sag Moon person likes to nurture you with wisdom. They will teach you how to do almost anything, with patience and kindness. Once you have learned how to take care of yourself, they are on to something new. The Sag Moon person will not be tied down. If you can keep up with them; then you are free to come along. However, if you need constant nurturing and become possessive in your relationship to a Sag Moon person, you will soon learn how fast that Sag Moon can fly. Enjoy your time with your Sag Moon person. You may find their optimism contagious.