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Earth Sun Signs

Taurus ~ Virgo ~ Capricorn

By Inge Lohse

The Sun in Taurus strives for spiritual truth by working with the practical aspects of life. Taurus is represented by the bull, slow to anger, but once aroused - watch out! There is no way to stop a Taurus on a mission. Clear the path or you will get hurt.

Taureans are fond of the good things of life, and focus their attention on acquiring material possessions. They love their creature comforts. The direct route to their hearts is right through their tummy. This sun sign needs security, both emotional and materialistic. Taureans have a lot of determination, which enables them to succeed by shear willpower and tenacity. Some say they are stubborn, but actually, they are very patient and are willing to wait for the things they want. Artistic Taurus loves all things beautiful.

The Sun in the sign of Virgo is represented by the virgin; naive, but wise. Virgos are very meticulous and organized in everything they do. They are efficient and pay attention to details. There is only one way to do a job and that would be the Virgo way. You could say they are perfectionists.

  A Virgo documents everything. (mentally and / or physically). Virgos make lists to make sure nothing is forgotten. They have  excellent analytical skills and use them at every opportunity to find solutions to problems - large or small. The UNIVERSAL STEERING COMMITTEE is surely headed by a VIRGO !!! 


The Sun in Capricorn is represented by the symbol of the mountain goat, which climbs with purpose, slow, steady, and surefooted to the peak of the mountain. Ever cautious, using every rock necessary, rarely looking back, and never deterred by things that stand in the way of their climb to the top.

Capricorns are ambitious. They have the ability to use any and all tools at their disposal to ensure success in their endeavours. Their extreme capacity for hard work is linked with their notion that success means security. Capricorns have excellent intuitions and use them in their struggle to achieve personal independence and economic security.  

The Sun in Capricorn is old when young and young when old. (What could be better?)