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Earth Moon Signs

By Betty Petruk

Taurus ~ Virgo ~ Capricorn

Taurus Moon

A little bread, a little cash, and a nice easy chair to curl up in, that about sums up the Taurus Moon. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, as it brings out the gentle easy flow of emotions and grounds them.  Taurus Moon people feel secure when they know the bank balances, and there is money left over for some beautiful little thing. Because Taurus is a money sign, and the Moon rules changes, money always seems to change for the Taurus Moon person. One day up and one day down, but there will always be money. Unlike the Cancer Moon, who will stock up for a depression, Taurus Moon people, like to have their needs satisfied, and just a little more for a rainy day. Easy going, and even tempered, it will take a lot to get the Bull on a rampage. But when you do, RUN! The house the Taurus Moon is in is where you will naturally express your emotions, and your nurturing. The house cusp that Cancer is on, is where you will actively seek your security. Spring is the time of year that brings out the best in the Taurus Moon person. Sit back, kick your shoes off and Enjoy!

Capricorn Moon

Did you say patience?  Did you say persistence? Did you say done? These three questions come to mind when you hear your friend has a Capricorn Moon. Part of the Cardinal Cross, Capricorn is the sure-footed one who reaches his goals.  

It is not the Capricorn Moons’ way to be cuddly, give hugs, or the like.  Capricorn Moons are more reserved, refined and controlled. It would take a great deal of probing, nagging and manipulating to get your Capricorn Moon to “lose it:” Well really, it’s just not done.  If you do manage to annoy them, the most you can expect to happen is a lecture on your inappropriate behaviour.

The security of the Capricorn Moon person, is knowing everything that can be done, has been done.

Virgo Moon

“Is the corn ready”?  Echoed the mice.  “Of course it’s ready!” I seeded it myself, replied Mother Earth. Every living being needs Virgo’s aid.  Without it, there is chaos.  Virgo Moon people know this to be truth. Earth, mutable, Virgo Moon people adapt their emotions to suit the immediate situation.  With patience and humility they seem to wave a Magic wand and change their world in a blink of an eye.  But don’t be fooled, it took years of hard and steady practice to make their Magic tricks work.  So the next time a Virgo Moon person gives you a suggestion on how to improve a situation to make things run more efficient, accept the gift with a smile.  They know of what they speak!