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Composite Charts

House Interpretations

1. The impression the 2 people leave on others as they are seen together

2. What the 2 people hold most dear and what value is placed on the relationship

3. Communications between the 2 people, habitual patterns and opinions given and taken

4. Basic foundation of the relationship, sharing the innermost feelings and emotions

5. The individuals’ self-expression in the relationship, how each one expresses themselves

6. Daily routine and duties to fulfill to keep the relationship healthy

7. The interrelation of the 2 people functioning together on a one-to-one basis

8. The transformation and changes in the lives of the 2 people, joint financial connections

9. Overall view of the 2 people, the spiritual understanding of themselves and others

10. The reality of the relationship to the public at large, achievements realized together

11. Friendships with others, shared ideals and goals

12. Repressed thoughts that the mind has chosen not to deal with, thoughts that are left unspoken