Chiron  ~  Pluto

Healing is a Transformative Act  by Donna Quinn & Michel Green

Chiron and Pluto are partners in assisting us in our soul's journey. Chiron is personal inner energy work and Pluto is the changes you show to the world. It may be that Chiron's true role comes from the effort you expend in healing yourself which, successful or not, gives others the tools or courage to heal themselves.

Keywords for Chiron: Keywords for Pluto:
Inner soul work Outer transformation work
Your gut reaction point Regeneration energy
What offends you (the wounding) Growth of personal awareness
What makes you feel better (the healing) Creative willpower
Reaching for your fullest potential

Chiron requires personal healing using the methods of its element to achieve transformation to the highest expression of Pluto in its house. The house where Chiron is identifies the issues that show you how to grow. Pluto's house is where you become more aware; how you are transformed. Pluto transforms from limitation to expanded options. This is the use of conscientious creative will power to regenerate oneself.

Consider the method by which the healing takes place is through the element that Chiron is in. Chiron in Fire would use some form of action to accomplish the task. Chiron in Air would use some form of communication to heal. Chiron in Earth would seek out practical means through analysis or research. Chiron in Water would use emotion as part of the process.

  • First House

    • Chiron: Inner concept creates the physical result.

    • Pluto: Proving something to oneself. Uses strong personal power to initiate action. Non-conformist. They do it their own way.

  • Second House

    • Chiron: The issue is about self worth. Prove to yourself you are worthy of financial independence, of having the good things in life.

    • Pluto: Great resourcefulness by insight or by obtaining inside information. Stewardship, acquisitions for the benefit of self and others. Swing between co-dependent and independent.

  • Third House

    • Chiron: Thoughts and opinions matter. Journaling to heal the things that are said to them.

    • Pluto: Penetrating mind. Strong opinions bring one to the heart of the matter. Prove the logic to oneself and a willingness to change follows.

  • Fourth House

    • Chiron: The inner child theme. Issues of family secrets - roots.

    • Pluto: Master of one's castle, perhaps a dominating attitude. Deep resourcefulness in the roots of being make it possible to become the master of one's emotional security and expression the Chiron's issues. Develop an inner sanctuary and safe place so that nothing phases them anymore.

  • Fifth House

    • Chiron: Issues of creativity, jealousy, envy, child and parent interactions.

    • Pluto: Profound creative power, intense love involvements healing through passionate creativity.

  • Sixth House

    • Chiron: Here lies the workaholic, Superman or Superwoman. Markedly hurt by criticism.

    • Pluto: Apply their dynamic will to affirmations and health issues. Positive thinking. Spiritual healing to the point of hands-on healing. Set their wound aside to provide a service of healing to others and thus their healing issues are eased.

  • Seventh House

    • Chiron: Healing the give and take in relationship. Learning that what you give out appropriately and definitely does come around. Learning acceptance, balance and deserving.

    • Pluto: Transformation is accomplished by drastic alteration through marriage and partnerships. Develop conscious spiritual awareness of the need for co-operation with others. Positive efforts must be made to achieve this co-operation.

  • Eighth House

    • Chiron: This is where the matter is laid to rest. A movement in concept from the caterpillar to the butterfly. The butterfly knows there is a vibrant expanded life after the "death" of the situation. Subtle energy sources, mystical energies, channel messages from spirits.

    • Pluto: Powerful occult influence. Extreme transformation similar to the marked change seen with a near death experience. Can see the hidden cause and higher order of things.

  • Ninth House

    • Chiron: A need to live one's beliefs or heal one's moral dilemmas. This is a morality play and a moral issue.

    • Pluto: Regeneration through legal, educational or moral means. This is the adult student or one who develops spiritual leadership  and philosophy concerning legal or social issues.

  • Tenth House

    • Chiron: Feel they must justify their existence to the world. Often a feeling that people do not see they for who they really are. Striving for perfection in career (knows what needs to be done), but somehow it just doesn't come together.

    • Pluto: A strong drive to succeed. Spiritual leader in the reform of current power structures. Far sightedness brings one to wise leadership. Take Chiron's inner knowledge (what Chiron taught) and present it to the public.

  • Eleventh House

    • Chiron: Desire to prove to themselves that they can make a difference. Want to heal the world. This where you might find members of the Green Peace movement.

    • Pluto: Reformist tendencies through friends and associations. Joint occult groups to have occult friends. These people have penetrating insights that benefit many others.

  • Twelfth House

    • Chiron: The issue is inner faith. There may be a hidden trigger to the healing that does not show to others.

    • Pluto: A need to regenerate the unconscious mind by bringing it into the consciousness. Deep meditation, highly developed intuition. Very secretive, deep inner healing through meditation to come to inner faith. Most subtle healing of all.

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