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Air Sun Signs

By Inge Lohse

Gemini ~ Libra ~ Aquarius

Gemini is represented by the twins, Castor and Pollex. Gemini rules the nervous system, hands, shoulders, arms and lungs. In Gemini, the sun is versatile and flexible. Gemini people are sociable, curious and inquisitive. Variety is a must in their daily routine. This air sign is thirsty for knowledge and eager to study and usually have a highly developed learning capacity. Their inventive imagination makes them great writers. The dual nature of Gemini sometimes makes you think there really are two of them talking to you at the same time. This is the only sign of the zodiac that can lay legal claim to an alter ego. It's really OK if you talk to and answer yourself. The rest of us have to cop a plea of insanity.

Libra is represented by the scales. The Libra Sun does not function well on its' own. Libras have a special need for companionship. The law of gravity states it takes two to ride the teeter-totter. Although they seek the co-operation of others, the Libra Sun will maintain their individuality, within the framework of their relationships. They demand that their partners work as hard as they do. The Sun here seeks knowledge, new ideas and mental stimulation. The desire for harmonious relationships often puts them in the role of peacemaker. Libras have a strong sense of justice and fair play. Librans are especially adept at analyzing what is occurring in society around them and rarely take sides in a dispute, they would rather sit on the fence, and wait until the air clears. Ruled by peaceful Venus, they rarely express anger, but when they do... it is like a tornado has gone through the area... they leave nothing unsaid. They will tell you exactly what you said forty years ago, how you said it and likely what you were wearing at the time.

Aquarius is represented by the water-bearer, who spills out to man-kind life force and spiritual energy. Fiercely independent, original in thought and humanitarian in nature, Aquarians are essentially realists, but their address is tomorrow.  Their group instinct always directs them to where there are people, or people come to them. This is an air sign, so, you must approach them on an intellectual level to get their attention. Freedom loving Aquarians can be acutely funny, conceited, and independent, but they are also diplomatic, sympathetic and even timid. They are always analyzing situations, friends and strangers alike.  They probe your most inner thoughts, ask point-blank questions just to discover what makes you tick. Once the puzzle is solved, they can drop you like a hot potato. A typical Aquarian is half Albert Schweitzer and half Mickey Mouse. They can be anything or nothing, but they are rarely lonely. Their appearance of calmness is deceptive, since they take their work very seriously, nervousness and apprehension seldom leave them. Aquarians make up their own minds about people, so when they let you into their inner circle of friendship, you can rest assured you have earned the right to be there - forever.