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Since 1977

EAS is celebrating its’ 40th year

The EAS (Edmonton Astrological Society) was founded by internationally acclaimed astrologer, Chris McRae.

The first meeting was held on Star Date:

December 10th 1977 at 1:58 PM  

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EAS Meeting Location

Homefire Grill

18210 - 100 Avenue



Consultations with Chris McRae  EAS Meeting Info Workshops and Chart Readings by Lesley Francis  Natal, Progressed & Solar Chart Readings by Betty Petruk  


Solar Return


Cancer is represented by the crab. It's shell is the armour which hides extreme sensitivity and shyness, as well as physical and psychological vulnerability. Cancers protect themselves from the possibility of emotional hurt by withdrawing and finding their security in solitude.

The Sun in Cancer is strongly linked to ancestry and heritage. Cancers possesses highly developed protective and defensive instincts aimed at material and domestic security.

Cancer people are very complex, they appear to have the strength of a giant and the next minute they seem to be as weak as a kitten.

Cancers have a deep sense of responsibility toward their families and they do not take kindly to interference.  Highly imaginative and very sensitive, they have no sense of humour when it comes to the protection of what is theirs.

Spring 2017 Astrology Classes with Chris McRae

EAS Astrologers

Canadian Astrology Conference


September 15, 16, 17, 2017

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Numerology Readings with Julie Carlin Consult The Sky with Tracy Quinlan