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EAS is celebrating its’ 38th year

The EAS (Edmonton Astrological Society) was founded by internationally acclaimed astrologer, Chris McRae.

The first meeting was held on Star Date:

December 10th, 1977 at 1:59 PM  

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Meeting Location

Homefire Grill

18210 - 100 Avenue

Everyone is welcome



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Happy Birthday Aries

The Sun in Aries heralds new beginnings, and starts new cycles. This is your first clue that spring is in the air. Aries is represented by the ram, who forges full steam ahead with the winds of courage at his back. Arians are friendly in a very forthright, direct manner. They greet you with a firm handclasp and an instant smile. You will rarely get to be group activity leader when there is an Aries in the group. The Sun becomes very competitive in Aries. They are never satisfied to watch, they need to be physically involved, at the beginning, preferably.

2015 is about breaking new ground. This is a dynamic year for you to be all that you can be. The band is playing your song and nobody sings it better than you. Confidence is your travelling companion and creativity is your middle name.

This year promises both professional and personal growth. Now is the time to reap the rewards of all your hard work for the past few years.

Astrology Classes with Chris McRae

Next EAS Meeting

Friday, May 8, 2015

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EAS Astrologers

Astrology Conference

September 18,19,20 2015

Featuring an

All Star Cast of Canadian Astrologers www.astrologyconference.ca